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At Lokemansikinallahtaala.com, our website does not take your privacy rights lightly. Get some time to read and understand our privacy policy at Lokemansikinallahtaala.com through our  website.

It covers your past history on how you have been utilizing our services and products. We obtain your personal information from the Lokemansikin website since the information is not shared in public files. The personal information includes; your name, address, email address and your phone number.

When you register your personal information and use our products on the website, we get to know more about you. There are two areas of information that we get to know about you.

1.Personal information. In order for us to get your personal information you will need to register with us or use our products and services. When you log in to our website (Lokemansikinallahtaala.com) you will get a product page where you can order our products and services. Again, you can refresh your information by adjusting your account settings according to your desires and preferences. Our website has all the information that you need in order for you to get started. In connection to that you can give us your contacts which include, name, address, phone number, financial statements in form of credit card details, your age, zip code or any other personal details which may be in form or social security number, driver’s license numbers etc that will enable us to start preparing legal paper work. 

2.Traffic Information. Usage of website information which is also known as traffic information. When you log in to our website  we will be able to get your personal information like; the name of the service provider you are using, internet protocol, the address which you are visiting the internet from, the kind of browser you are using, operating system used, date and time you visited the website and any other activity you may indulge in on our website. Lokemansikin uses systems like web beacons, cookies or any other software which automatically reflects through our serer logs from your browser.


1.Personal Information. When at Lokemansikin we get your personal information, we use it to administer services, fulfill transactions that you have asked us too, as well as inform you about any other special programs and discounts. We also use the information to inform you about your account and improve our customer service. Based on the foundation of these aspects we may utilize the personal information to improve the  website usage. For example, we may redesign our website to do away with the aspect of entering the same information all the time and instead accommodate your particular likes and dislike. In order to make your interaction with us more pleasant, our  website may aggregate the information we get from you and the knowledge from we get from our business partners, affiliates and other entities.

  1. Sharing of personal information. At Lokemansikin we don’t sell, rent or share your personal information with any other person or entities. We may share it when we provide products or services you have asked for, when you give us permission to or under the parameters below;

a. Your personal information may be shared to trusted affiliates who work on behalf or with Lokemansikin with agreement that it should be kept confidential. These entities may use your personal information to communicate about any of our offers and sales. But these entities don’t have any RIGHT to share your personal information.

b. We may disclose your personal information if the law requires us to. We may also share the information acting on good faith if we believe that such is required for us to give answers of things like subpoenas or court orders. Here at MDP we may also carry out legal rights or respond to legal actions against us.

c. We may reveal your personal information if we feel it is necessary to share it so that we may explore, forestall and take action concerning illegal acts, fraud, any threats regarding the physical safety of a person as well as violation of our terms of use.

d. Lokemansikin may reveal the personal information and other facts to other enterprises which are controlled under common interest with us. If Lokemansikin is ever merged, bought, sold or assets transferred or assigned, we may share your personal information with the related associated agreements.

3.Targeted Promotions. These promotions may show up at one time or another at our website. The entities in charge of promotions and advertisements, may decide that individuals who are in between 25-35 from a particular area and interact with, look at or click targeted promotions qualify. However, here at Lokemansikin we do not give any personal information to the promoter or advertiser even if you interact with or look at a targeted promotion or advertisement. But you should know that interacting with and looking at a promotion or advertisement, you agree to the possible likelihood that the promoter has a right to conclude that you satisfy the targeting parameters or criteria used to set the promotion or advertisement.

4. Public Record. If the papers and documents are filed with any government entity which include federal, state and municipal or with a court, there is certain personal information which becomes public record.

5. You may choose to opt out. You may choose not to give your personal information to us but here at Lokemansikin; we can’t fulfill all your orders or carry out any services if we don’t have such information. You may also choose to turn cookies off on your browser. Most browsers are able to assent to cookies, turn them away or trigger the user before taking them. There is a help section on your toolbar that can help you choose ht option that fit what you need. But if you choose disabling cookies our enhanced technology features that it offers will not be at your disposal. That is why we advise that you keep them on. We reserve the right to transmit certain communication to you regarding our products and services. For example, service pronouncements and administrative communication that we consider part of your account may be transmitted without giving you the chance to opt out.

Our privacy policy applies to us only (Lokemansikin). Our privacy policy does not include any other sites accessible from our website or used to visit our website. We do not own or control any third party entities practices that are not operating under us including entities that may advertise on our website (Lokemansikin).

Here at Lokemansikin we have a strict policy against under age people. Those below 18 years have no right to register on our website, use any of our services or products or rather transmit any information to us. If you are below 18 years and you have already registered on our website, you should terminate your account immediately and contact us. If we finds out that any information of an underage person was obtained at our website too, we will delete the information within no time. If you feel that here at Lokemansikin we have received information from an individual less than 18 years of age please feel free to contact us at @lokemasikinallahtaala.com.


  1. Deleting Your Account. You are free to delete or cancel your account with us according to the TERMS OF USE. In section 8 at our website there is an address which you can use to communicate to us if you feel that you want to delete your account. We take 30 days to act on your request. Here at Lokemansikins we may choose to keep your general information regarding demographic kind, for example your gender and location of your residence as well as transactional information such as account number, dollar value of the transaction and credit card approval number for our records.
  1.  Information Requests. If you may need to access any information obtained as part of your account and Lokemansikin you can ask in writing using the address above and it can be available to you within 30days.

Here at Lokemansikin we maintain your personal information safe and secure. We have created physical, electronic and safety mechanisms. This enables us to keep your information as safe and secure as possible. We only allow our employees whom we believe need to access your personal information as part of their job to provide products and services to you. However, you need to note that even if here at Lokemansikin, we provide very secure mechanisms your personal information might not be entirely safe. Our website does not guarantee the safety of your information so give us your information at your own risk.

  1. SSL-Encryption. Our servers are always under 24 hour’s surveillance every day. The secure facility  uses the industry standard for internet security; secure sockets layer (SSL 256-bit) to convey all your personal information. Your name, address, email address, payment information, your completed form over the internet are part of the personal information and they all have SSL security.
  2. Confirming Order.  When you fill your form we confirm your order by disclosing the last five digits of your credit card. But in order to implement your order we must send the entire credit card number to the credit card company.
  3. Disclaimer. Lokemansikin is not held responsible for THEFT, FORFEITURE, LOSS, or INTERCEPTION OF, or UNAUTHORIZED ACCESS or DAMAGE TO your PERSONAL DATA conveyed by utilizing LOKEMANSIKIN ALLAH TAALA WEBSITE, APPLICATIONS and OUR SERVICES. By giving us your information you, ACKNOWLEDGE, REPRESENT, WARRANT and AGREE that you are comfortable with these risks.

Lokemansikinallahtaala.com or send your queries on our customer service desk. We will use your name, email addresses and order history to try and respond to your questions. Your problems will be resolved as soon as possible. We may contact you from time to time, to confirm any information or follow up on our quality in our customer service and we hope you consent to that.

IX. PRIVACY RIGHTS IN CALFORNIAIf you come from California or reside there, the California Civil Code 17898.83 allows our visitors to ask for information concerning the disclosure of their personal information to the third party and other entities for direct marketing. If you need such a service feel free to send us an email or write to us at

Lokemansikinallahtaala.com, shikin_datugulam@yahoo.com


Since the industry changes time to time, our  website has the right to amend any privacy policy without contacting you. If any amendments are made, they are sent to the website. So please be visiting the website every now and then to ensure that you stay updated on any amendments or modifications.

Last Updated: May 23, 2014

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