Divorce Process

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Divorce Process

Is it time for you to begin the process of filing for divorce?

Truth be told, it’s never easy to make that decision that you want to file for a divorce. If you feel that your marriage has come to its natural end and you cannot do anything to make it work, this article will guide you on the process you need to follow when starting the process of filing divorce papers. The steps are pretty straightforward and are easy to understand.

You simply have to answer the questions we ask you, print out your completed forms, and then file them at the courthouse. The guide we provide you is comprehensive and it answers all the questions you have about filing for a divorce in your respective state. We have detailed answers about different states on our state divorce page which you can find at the bottom of this page.

How To Order Your Divorce Papers

The first thing to do is to make sure you are eligible for our service. To do this, click on the Qualify Now button or follow this link to find out if you are eligible. Once you are qualified, continue answering the questions to complete your registration, and then create your account.

Complete Your Online Interview.

In order for us to complete your forms we need some information from you. Go through our easy to follow, online interview. Your progress saves as you go and you can stop and continue the online interview at your own pace. Once you have completed the online interview, we will use those answers to complete your forms.

Download…Print…Sign… then File:

Once your forms are ready to file, download and print your completed forms from your online account. We can also ship them to you for an additional cost. Once you printed (or receive your mailed forms) sign them, then file your forms with the court.