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Customer Service

Fast and Simple Download Process

All the divorce forms you may need are available for download in the format of PDF only. This means that you will need Adobe reader installed on your computer or laptop to download them in the right format. If you do not buy and install Adobe Reader you won’t be able to download and print the divorce forms. The forms specific to your needs are only downloadable with your login and password so when you do not download Adobe Reader on your computer or laptop you can access the website from another computer that already has Adobe Reader installed on it and you can print the forms out from there. Alternatively, you can request us to send you the forms via mail and we will do so at an extra cost. If for any reason you encounter a problem while trying to download the forms, contact our customer care team on +6016-319 8919.

Credit Card Billing

You will see on your debit or credit billing statement, you’ll see lokemansikinallahtaala.com as the company that will be charging you. If you notice this entry, know immediately that it is for the purchase of the divorce forms. If for any reason there are any errors with the amounts or the entry has been entered more than once, feel free to inform us of the same so that we can get to the root of the problem.

Refund Policy

Lokemansikinallahtaala.com (otherwise known as “lokemansikin”) and related affiliates retains the right to any services charges if the refund policies are not met as outlined below. The person paying for services or using services (otherwise Known as “Customer”, “Client” or “You”) agrees to these terms upon the purchasing of services through lokemansikin. If you have any questions regarding these policies, please contact us at shikin_datugulam@yahoo.com.

Please note that once the online interview has been completed, services have been rendered. Also, We are unable to process any refunds on accounts created over 15 days. Refund requests are individually investigated and approved or denied on a case-by-case basis, please give our team 3-10 business days to review and process any claims.

If a refund has been processed, it may take up to 14 business days to process any claims and a RM45 handling fee is charged. Please be advised, your bank may take an additional 24-72 hours to credit your account. Also, we are only able to process refunds to the cards originally charged.

Lokemansikin is unable to process a refund under any of the following conditions:

 If the customer changes their minds about the services and does not want to continue using services provided by Lokemansikin.

 If the customer discovers their spouse has already filed on their own for Divorce/Annulment/Legal Separation.

 If the Customer has obtained counsel from a friend or other source who advises them to not continue using services provided by Lokemansikin.

 If the customer found the forms through another source or a competitor with a different price.

 If the provided documents were denied by the courts, and the customer is unable or unwilling to provide a rejection letter.

 If the Customer’s court case with spouse becomes contested and requires legal aid. (Lokemansikin’s services are for non-contested divorces, annulments or legal separations as we do not provide legal representation.)

 If the state updates the court forms. You must notify us and provide us the opportunity to provide the updated forms.

Lokemansikin does not process refunds for additional services, outside of the generation of divorce, legal separation or annulment forms, once those services have been rendered. This includes state changes (RM100) Separation Service Changes (RM100) Platinum Services (RM299) or add-on forms (If applicable).

 Account Changes (ie: State Changes, type of service Changes-annulment to divorce, legal separation to divorce etc.) are services rendered once they have been applied to a customer’s account.

 Add-on Forms are nonrefundable once they have been charged to a customer’s account, and are available to download.

Please note, if the courts deny the documents for any reason, we are able to make the necessary changes free of charge as part of our services.

Lokemansikin will be unable to issue any refunds unless the client is able to submit a rejection letter from the courts and the following conditions are met:

– The courts have denied documents due to an error by Lokemansikin and edits to rectify are not possible.

– The courts have denied documents due to an error by the customer from inaccurate data during the online interview process and edits to rectify are not possible.

– The courts have denied all documents due to state laws or local requirements regarding state provided forms, and making edits to rectify are not possible.

Due to the nature of state laws constantly changing, we ask all customers to submit any formal request within 15 (fifteen) business days of rejection via Malaysia mail or scanned and sent via email. All customer refund request will be denied if they do not meet the above terms. To send us proof of rejection, we can be contacted below:

Email: shikin_datugulam@yahoo.com
Should you choose to make any corrections prior to speaking with our customer support team we are unable to issue a refund.

Collecting Information

All the information that you provide us will not be transferred to a third party. All the information that we get from you may be used to reach you in the future and we may contact you through phone, mail or e-mail to share with you information about our services that we feel may be of help to you.


We do all what we can to protect information about our clients. We will keep all sensitive details secure offline and online. Our advanced encryption systems are at the top of technology. We use SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocol to keep all the information you give us safe. We are also McAfee certified and our website is marked with the trusted seal of security. Our website is scanned everyday by McAfee to rid it of hacker loopholes. The website also runs an encrypted 256 bit Secure certificate courtesy of Starfield.

Links To Other Websites

Since we cannot control other websites out there, we are not responsible in any way for how they run their business. we may reference other websites but once you are on that website our privacy policy becomes null and void.


We are always available for any inquiries, questions and clarifications. You can reach us at:

Lokemansikin & Alla Enterprise (003080789-U)
+6016-319 8919


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