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Getting a divorce does not need to be a headache. We have a guide that you can use to assist you through your divorce process online. In most cases, your forms can be completed in an hour or less. We only need you to answer some simple questions and we will use these questions to complete your divorce forms. You don’t have to go through the tedious process of hiring an attorney and therefore there is no waiting! The process is very simple and…you can download the forms online!

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We promise to give you top-notch service and you can get a uncontested divorce without having to hire an attorney. We make the commitment to you and give you time to go on with your life the way you desire to live it.


We offer you forms that are accurate and up to date. Our process is quick and effective.

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You can make unlimited changes to your documents without paying any extra fees.

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We offer you excellent and effective online customer support.

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Best possible solution for people abroad or those in the military.

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Court approval guarantee. If your forms are not approved with the court we will refund your money.


Most cost-effective solution for families that cannot afford an attorney.


Christy Ng / Kuala Lumpur

” This process seems straight forward, and is comfortable with somewhat easy questions. Because I have a cognitive disability the process took me a few weeks to complete. However I know under others circumstances it would be quite simple and easy. “

Haris Lokman / Selangor

” Your site was easy to use. I had no trouble at all. Everything was accepted at the courthouse. Your service could possibly be the best investment I’ve ever made in my life. Thank you. “